Almost 25% of our work today is repairing worn out steering and suspension components. Its seems more and more people are keeping their older trucks, therefore putting more miles on them, resulting in necessary maintenance.

Here’s a few tips…

Diagnosing steering and suspension issues.

Troubleshooting steering and suspension issues may seem like a difficult task. But lets take a look at it with a logical approach. We’ll list a few common symptoms and lets see if any of them describe the issues you may be having with your truck.

Your truck is pulling to one side: Its possible that you may have low tire pressure in one of your tires, or uneven tire wear. Inspect the tires first. It may be that the alignment is off, so its a good idea to have your front end inspected, the steering components, your tie rods, steering rack or pitman arm and idler arm, and sometimes worn ball joints can cause this. Its also a good idea to inspect your brakes, to make sure one side isn’t wearing faster then the other side.

The truck continues to bounce repeatedly after you hit a bump: Check your shocks and/or struts to see if they need replacement. If it persists, check the leaf or coil springs to see if one is broken or has slipped, and replace if necessary.

Wheels shaking or seeming to wobble while driving: First, check your tire pressure and tire wear, as well as the wheel alignment. If none of these are the culprit, have the wheels balanced next. Finally, inspect your tie rods and steering rack and replace any worn components.

The steering seems to slip when you’re turning or holding the wheel in a turn position: Look at fluid levels to see if you need more power-steering fluid. Next, check the steering belt. If it is loose or worn, it should be tightened or replaced. The next cause may be a faulty power steering pump, which you will need to get checked and fixed if necessary. Check the power steering rack for leaks and broken mounts, which may require replacement of just the mounts, or the entire steering rack.

The truck is hard to steer, especially at slow speeds: Like the previous problem, check your power steering fluid levels and steering belt first. Then have your power steering pump pressure checked, and finally look over your power steering rack for any fluid leaks.

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