About Us

The concept of Extreme Motorsports began locally years ago with Gary Graham, a Brentwood area native, modifying cars and trucks in his driveway.  Since the early years, dating back to 1987, Gary has gained valuable experience and an unparalleled knowledge of modifying both cars and trucks including lifts, lowers, wheels/tires, and suspensions for both on road and off road applications.  He is one of the foremost authorities in Northern California.

Extreme MotorsportsAfter several years working in the off road industry, Gary decided to start his own company which is now known as Extreme Motorsports. Founded in 2001, Gary truly believes the success of Extreme Motorsports is attributed to his passion for the off road world, and his integrity in ensuring every customer is 100% happy and satisfied with their vehicle after completion.

In 2007, Ralph Cole joined the Extreme Team. Together, Ralph and Gary have taken Extreme Motorsports to the next level. Today, Extreme is one of the most diverse shops in Northern California. On any given day, you will find all types of work in the 11,000 sq. foot facility. For example;

  • Lift kit installations 1″ to a whopping 18″!!
  • Custom wheels and tires – all top name brands
  • Truck accessories – if its available, they sell and install it
  • Welding and fabrication – shock tabs to full tube chassis
  • Consignment sales – customized trucks, sports cars, bikes and ATVs
  • Side by Side’s, UTV’s, parts, sales and service

Extreme is highly recognized in the industry and have even prototyped parts for several manufacturers.

They are a referral driven business, and pride themselves on customer satisfaction, they understand that without you, they wouldn’t be here.

Extreme has a team of highly trained technicians.  What is truly unique about the staff is not only their training and experience, but their true passion for the work that they do. Every employee at Extreme is involved in some sort of after market auto related hobby, from show cars to race trucks.

They are invested in the industry. You will see them on the show circuit and several race circuits on the weekends, if they’re not sponsoring a racer, they’re probably in the car driving!

If you have not visited them at 8445 Brentwood Blvd., in Brentwood, or if you have not been by recently, stop by and see them as they always enjoy talking to people who share their passion for modified vehicles.